Cool weather riding

Grand Hotel at Healesville, Victoria

Grand Hotel at Healesville, Victoria (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My boy and I went for a ride on his Triumph this afternoon.

Headed over the Spur to Healesville to see the jeweller again.  – (See Princess Bride for more info)

The weather was fine and sunny, but there was definitely a chill in the air.

I had walked down to the shops earlier in the day and felt the cold.
(To any Northern Hemisphere types reading this, I realise that the autumn temperatures in Australia are downright balmy to you, but my feet are cold so I am going to blog about it anyway.)

Having made this mistake before this time I put on my thermals, a neck warmer, thick gloves, kevlar jeans and winter weight bike jacket.

Of course, once again, I did not put on toasty warm socks.  When will I learn?

My cherry Docs helped, but I suspect my feet will remain cold for the next several hours.


Ladies, if you are on the back of a bike in Autumn, remember to rug up!

Motorbike safety gear

Motorbike safety gear (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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