Cold Mornings

I often wake up before my alarm.

Sometimes this is good, if it is long enough to go back to sleep, however briefly, or it so short there is no point going back to sleep, I can enjoy the warmth for a few minutes.

The best wakeups are the ones that don’t count as a morning wake up, they are more of a ‘wake up during the night’ thing.

The worst are the ones when you know you have to get up soon, there is no point in going back to sleep AND you know there is something happening today that you have been stressing about, so you didn’t sleep well and are still anxious.

This morning I woke up about 20 minutes before my alarm.
Short enough not to go back to sleep, long enough to enjoy the cocoon-like warmth of the bed for a while longer.
If only I could have stayed.

Telechron alarm Clock

Telechron alarm Clock (Photo credit: paperfacets)


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