The Doctor goes round again

I’ve been watching Doctor Who again. Ever since it came on ABC every week night I have been tuning in. Yes, yes, I have every episode but it is not the same.

Last night’s episode was The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe. One of my favourites of the Matt Smith series and the most recent Christmas Special.
Of course,that meant tonight’s episode was Rose. The first episode of the new reinvention of the Doctor. The episode when we first met Christopher Ecclestone‘s “fantastic” Doctor and Billie Piper‘s amazing Rose.

The episode when I first fell I love with the characters, and the writing and the humour.

Oh, thank you for teaching us that lots of planets have a north.

And the best thing about the series starting over and being played every week night?

Only two weeks until David Tennant. (Sorry Chris)

David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor

David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


4 thoughts on “The Doctor goes round again

  1. My niece just got into Doctor Who. Matt Smith is “her” doctor but I was trying to school her from the reboot. Man, she was so impatient with Ecclestion, she even made me skip some episodes. She just wanted to get to Tennant, so she could get to Smith. Teenagers!

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