Exercising in winter

I like food, I love chocolate. Therefore I work out a lot.

Over the last month or so I have tried to give up sugar (during the week) and possibly cut down on the weekends.

I am generally ok during the week although my overall nutrition is not always fantastic.

Physical Exercise aka P.E

My workouts consist of 2 cardio sessions per day on Mon and Wed, 2 strength sessions per day on Tues and Thurs, one cardio on Fridays.  I also try to get a couple of runs in per week.

This is where the system falls down.  Daylight savings has finished and the cold weather has set in.Getting up in the morning to work out in the lounge room is just about possible.
Running outside – not going to happen.  Same goes for the evenings.

Lunchtime running does happen occasionally but I am afraid  I am little slack with that too.

Ah winter, so tempting to live in a world of soups and casseroles and blankets and couches…


2 thoughts on “Exercising in winter

  1. You knock me out of the park – I get in two cardio a week and one strength/cardio if I am very organised…. two little people who need to be fed and put to bed by 7pm make things complicated.

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