Heaps Good

I try really hard not to read the comments on internet news stories.

Frog cakes...

Pretty much for the same reason I refuse to listen to talkback radio.Ok, occasionally someone comes up with an intelligent or amusing comment.

Unfortunately  the majority of the comments are either ill-informed, ill-advised, abusive, defensive, offensive or irrelevant.

Sometimes I am drawn in against my will (I once even posted my own comment. I felt so dirty).

Today’s topic was South Australia.  A new image, a new brand, a new name.

A link to the opinion piece

Penfolds Bin 128 Coonawarra Shiraz 2003 (Austr...

Lots of comments about how South Australia is boring, full of bogans, bad drivers and bugger all else.

Happily there are an almost equal number of comments acknowledging the various good points of the state.  

Wine regions – The Barossa, McLaren Vale, The Coonawarra, The Clare Valley and a number of others.

CultureWomad, the Adelaide Festival and the Festival Fringe

Nature – The Coorong, The Blue Lake, The Flinders Ranges, Lake Eyre, Mt Remarkable, Wilpena Pound, Brachina Gorge

Food – Whiting, Pie Floaters, Balfours Frog Cakes, Fruchocs, Haighs, Charlesworth Nuts

Farmers Union Iced Coffee
Like many South Australians I grew up in South Australia, moved to Melbourne, lived there for a while, moved back to Adelaide, worked in NZ for while, moved back to Adelaide, and now I live in country Victoria.
There are a lot of things (and people) I miss about Adelaide, I am just glad I can get back there fairly easily.
(And that I can get Haighs in Melbourne – and Fruchocs are now available nation wide!)
Next trip home is July!  Fruchocs factory here I come.

Fruchocs (Photo credit: Pippin Graham)


One thought on “Heaps Good

  1. I agree with you (although the drivers ARE atrocious) but I don’t miss any of those foods. It’s all about the Coffin Bay oysters, Spencer Gulf king prawns, Maggie Beer quince paste and Kangaroo Island cheeses for me.

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