Things I miss about the city

OK, so we all know it is pretty much going to be the same old things.

Shopping, Food, Friends, Entertainment.

Every so often I have flashbacks, or memories that pop up of places I have been.

When I lived in Melbourne one of my recurring memories was the Tollgate (end of the freeway from Melbourne to Adelaide) and driving along Glynburn Rd between Kensington rd and Greenhill rd (the tall trees grow right over the road).

When I moved back to Adelaide I would remember walking from Melbourne through the parklands and past the Shrine of Remembrance.

Melbourne CBD skyline viewed from top of the S...

Tonight I have been thinking of places in Adelaide.

  • Shopping on King William Rd in Hyde Park, Adelaide Arcade and TTP.
  • Running on the streets of Tea Tree Gully.
  • Seeing the ASO at the Festival Centre.
  • Sushi Train Express on Grenfell St

English: Adelaide Festival Centre from the nor...

I’ve also been thinking of places in Melbourne I haven’t wandered around in a while.

  • The Block Arcade
  • Lots of laneways to wander through
  • Blue Train cafe in Southbank
  • Shopping on Bridge Rd/DFO/Bourke St

Maybe I just need to get off the couch and head back out into the world.

How about after winter?


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