The Dairy Cafe and Steakhouse – Alexandra

We have a new local dinner venue.  Three massive cheers for foodie heaven.

The Dairy Cafe has been one of our favourite places to eat, even before I moved over here.

My boy would happily spend hours sitting in their old location, sipping chai and enjoying the vintage atmosphere.

About a year ago the cafe bought a house slightly down the road, gutted it, and turned it into a beautiful shiny new cafe.

While it doesn’t have the same quirky appeal as the old location, it is definitely beautiful and a lovely place to eat.

Recently they announced that they would be extending their hours to dinner on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings.

At last! Somewhere within 30 minutes that serves good food in a nice location that isn’t a pub!

They opened for the first time on Thursday night and we headed there on Saturday night.

For dinner service, the cafe has gone for a ‘Steakhouse’ menu.

The menu contains a number of specialities – Wagyu beef burger, chicken, vegetarian options and a small children’s menu.

The main section of the menu is a number of steak options – Waygu rump, Angus T-Bone, Angus Porterhouse and Angus fillet (yes, this is Angus cattle country!)
The steaks are available in a couple of sizes each. The next choice is marinated or plain. Then sauces and sides.

Definitely a steak lover’s paradise.

A small but adequate wine list is available as well as a selection of beers and soft drinks.

As soon as I saw the Wagyu my choice was made. Unfortunately the rump was unavailable so I went for the burger option.
The burger is served with bacon, lettuce and tomato, a blue cheese sauce and a side of french fries.

My boy went for a T-bone with pepper sauce, mash and vegetables.

I don’t each a lot of burgers (unless they are chicken, fish or vegetarian), and I am not a big fan of blue cheese.

For the Wagyu I decided to give it a go.

The food arrived and both plates were overflowing.

Wagyu Beef burger with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and  blue cheese sauce

As ever, their fries were excellent. Crispy, hot and plenty of tasty salt.
The burger and bacon were well cooked, but I found the blue cheese a little overwhelming.
A blue cheese fan might have loved it, but I ended up scraping some of the sauce off.
Other than that – a fantastic burger – well cooked and tasty.

T-bone with pepper sauce with mash and vegies

The t-bone was well cooked and the mash was gorgeous.

Overall an excellent meal and great choices.

We were way too full for dessert, but there were several options and the cake fridge for the cafe was well stocked.

We will be back again!


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