Market cravings

I think I have written before about homesickness and that strange sensation when you start remembering vividly a place you might not have been to in years.

I just found myself thinking of the Central Markets in Adelaide.
There was a time when I would wander down to the markets after work on a Friday night (if no one was going to the Duke).

I’d weave my way through the crowds of young couples grocery shopping, older urban singles wheeling their shopping trolleys and even a few families wondering what the hell they brought their kids along for.

Depending on my mood I might wander into a couple of the ‘hippy’ stores, maybe buy some soap or another bag I didn’t need.

Almost always I would head to the bakery in the middle of the crazy aisles, buy myself a loaf of sourdough. Then I would head across to ‘Say Cheese’ and grab some hard goat’s cheese.
On a good night I might even grab some fresh beetroot dip from one of the many deli stalls.

(We don’t even need to discuss the mandatory Haighs pitstop.)

Arms full of food, nose full of smells and head full of craziness I would try to remember the way out and head to the bus stop.

Maybe I’ll even try it out when I am back in a couple of weeks.
We’ll see.


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