Teenage Girls

English: Madonna during The Virgin Tour of 1985.

English: Madonna during The Virgin Tour of 1985. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am sure all teenage girls think they look great.

(Or don’t leave the house until several of their friends have told them they look great and at least one parent has despaired over the state of their apparel).

When I was a teenage girl it was the 80s. Yes – that long ago.

I wore shorts or acid wash jeans with an untucked floral shirt, the end sticking out from under the sweatshirt/jumper I was wearing.

Sometimes I wore fake pearls. Gorgeous!

I won’t even start on the amount of hairspray.  The music was good though.  Well, some of it.

This brings me back to today. Or, more precisely, yesterday.

My running buddy, the amazing Mrs L, and I went for a lunchtime run.  About half way we ran past a gaggle of teenage girls.

I will be the first to admit that I am not always at the height of fashion.
I tend to stick with (boring) classic items and mix it up with a bit of fun.
There are, however, some standards that I always maintain.

4 of the teenage girls were wearing leggings and short tops.

I just need to get this off my chest…

LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS.  You wear them under pants, or a skirt. Not by themselves.
I don’t care how young, thin and pretty you are, there is no excuse. Whew, I feel better now.

The other 2 were even funnier.  Remember it is the middle of winter. About 13 degrees at most.

The other 2 girls were wearing shorts, with ugg boots. Shorts, in winter, with ugg boots.
There is just so much wrong.

Not sure if I have made my stance on ugg boots clear before now.

Ugg boots are comfy, warm and cosy. They are great to wear around the house.
They are acceptable to wear to the letterbox to check the mail.
Under no circumstances should they be worn on public outings.
Maybe, just maybe, they could be worn to the chemist if you are sick and just need to pick up a prescription.

They should NEVER be worn in a shopping centre, cinema, sporting event or any other public space.

They are slippers people!

OK, fashion vent over. Resume normal programming.

A pair of ugg boots


5 thoughts on “Teenage Girls

  1. Glad to read “leggings are not pants!!!”
    I’ve shared the same thought, many times. And you can be as concerned about teenage fashion as you want if the fashion is so hideous that it involves tights as pants and UGG boots in any form in public.
    Someone needs to help these girls out – whether they know it or not.

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