Radelaide July 2012

The trip home was too short but very sweet.

Here follows a quick summary:

Monday 9th July 
Road Trip – Snack, tunes, driving
Sugar free pretty much went out the window this week
Check in – iStay Precinct (great serviced apartments on Franklin/Morphett)

Car Snacks from Bordertown

Tuesday 10th July
Thea Vegetarian
Barossa Valley (‘W’ venue)
Myrtle Bank (‘W’ meeting)
Ky Chow

Wednesday 11th July
St Agnes – Michel’s Patisserie
Tea Tree Gully (‘W’ meeting)
Afternoon TeaNewman’s Nursery with both sets of parents
Dinner with family at Wynn Vale


Thursday 12th July
Sushi Train
Mandarin House

Dinner at Mandarin House

Friday 13th July
Shopping (for ‘W’ dresses)
Himalayan on Melbourne St
Flight of the Conchords at the Entertainment Centre – thank you Mr P for the tickets and a great night!
Cafe De Vilis – chocolate and sprinkle doughnuts – not as good as Balfours!


Saturday 14th July
Yum Cha – Ding Hao – a crazy morning with 2 families and a couple of friends!
Shopping – shoes and chocolate

Sunday 15th July
Fox and Firkin – party with friends and family

Monday 16th July
Road Trip -back home again
More snacks and tunes and driving



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