How to have a successful road trip

Lots of food and water.  Obviously these can be topped up along the way, but make sure you have at least:

  • Favourite savoury snack (grain waves or pretzels)
  • Favourite sweet snack (chocolate of course! and some snakes)
  • Healthy snack (trail mix – dried fruit, seeds and nuts)
  • lots of water

There are certain road trip truths that must be universally acknowledged.

* You will have at least one fast food meal.  Pick your poison.

* The more you drink in the car the more you will need to stop for toilet breaks. But you will feel better anyway.

English: Mixed nuts and dried fruit

English: Mixed nuts and dried fruit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Have a plan that everyone is aware of.
Even if just following your nose is the plan, as long as everyone is up for it.
Oh, and make sure you have a map, just in case.

Music is mandatory, but can be an issue if you have a range of tastes in the car.
If this is the case it may need to be discussed beforehand.
e.g. Metallica gives me a migraine, can we please keep the music a little softer? or Nickelback makes me want to stab myself in the ear..

Either way, probably best to work out some kind of time share arrangement for DJ duties.


Destination (optional – see plan)
If you have a set destination make sure you know how to get there and when you need to be there.
If you have a hotel booking make sure you know what time reception shuts and a contact number in case of unforeseen circumstances.


Depending on the audience you make like to consider some classic car games to pass the time.
Some favourites are:

  • Punch bug
    • Punch the closest person when you see a volkswagen beetle
  • Yellow Car
    • The first person to see a yellow car yells ‘yellow car’ and keeps a tally – first to a set number wins
  • The number game
    • Starting at 1, find each number on a sign/house etc – first to a set number wins
  • Eye-spy
    • A good old fashioned standby

Punch Buggy Red! No punch back!


In the end, just sit back and enjoy the ride…


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