Ski trip for the non-skier

My fiance and I do have some things in common (e.g. Star Wars) but we also have a lot of differences.

One of those differences relates to hobbies and holidays.

My boy likes snowboarding, riding motorbikes, sea kayaking and live music.

I prefer running, hiking, reading books, movies and relaxation.  (Sea Kayaking is sort of cool too).

When it comes to free time this can present a challenge.

While not a long break, over the weekend we headed up to Falls Creek with my boy’s brother, sister in law and niece.

We left early Friday afternoon and headed off on another road trip.

Dinner at Glenrowan McDonalds (because that is the law), a quick stop at Ray’s ski shop in Myrtleford for chains and a quick bit of shopping.
Although I don’t ski I wanted to look the part and stay warm.  I bought a fleece jumper and knitted neck warmer that matched the ski jacket my boy bought for me last year.
We arrived in Tawonga South (next to Mount Beauty) on the Friday night, checked out the yurt, then headed out to check out the closest ski shop.

No further Friday night purchases were made.

My boy and I chose to stay ‘off-mountain’ – we booked a yurt in Mount Beauty Holiday Centre.

It was actually a lot nicer than I expected. It had been recently renovated and was situated right on the edge of the Kiewa River.
The view from the main living area took in the river, trees and at least one snow capped mountain.

On Saturday the boy headed up the mountain while I stayed in bed.

My day consisted of:

  • sleeping in
  • reading 2 books
  • walking into Mount Beauty
  • going for a run
  • reading some more
  • walking into Mount Beauty again
  • reading some more
  • waiting for my boy to get back from the mountain

We headed into Mount Beauty for dinner – the local chinese was a little disappointing.

We checked out of the yurt Sunday morning so I had no choice but to head up to Falls.

A couple of hot chocolates, a little shopping, a lot of walking, some not amazing food and it was time to head back.

I enjoyed a nice relaxing weekend while my boy had lots of snowboarding time.
Everyone’s happy!


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