Playing games and Paul Simon

Have you ever had a song that was stuck in your head for days?

Sometimes I will fixate on a song while I am running. It might become a mantra to help me through a difficult part of a race, or it might just be the last song I heard before I left the house/car/office.

Sometimes a race will have a PA system set up and music will be played at strategic points along the course.

I put my current Paul Simon obsession down to the River Run.

Several months ago we ran a 10km twilight race in Maribyrnong (love that word, hope I spelt it correctly). At some point along the course I think I heard Paul Simon’s ‘Boy in the Bubble’.

It has been in my head on and off for several months now.

Of course, once I sing a few lines in my head the entire back catalogue starts up.
Graceland, Diamonds on the soles of her shoes, 50 Ways to leave your lover, You can call me Al…

In the past I could expel a song by playing it over and over.
I tried that method to rid the demons on Saturday. Driving into town to pick up groceries I put my Paul Simon Greatest Hits CD on.

Guess what happened?

I was singing Paul Simon in the supermarket!

Somehow I managed to forget about it until I came to bed tonight.

…..Graceland, Graceland, Memphis Tennessee….

Yes, it is back!

….my travelling companion is 9 years old, he is the child of my first marriage…

Damn you Paul Simon, damn you and your catchy,overly verbose yet strangely evocative lyrics.

So – games.
Sometimes when I am between books or just trying to clear my heads I will play simple games before I go to sleep. These used to be played on my Nintendo DS, but are now more likely to be on my iPad.

Simple games are food, not too much thought to keep me awake, but a little challenge to keep me interested.

For a while it was Draw Something, but that peaked. Then I overplayed bejewelled for quite a while.
Perfect example of the genre; pretty, simple motor skills, but a challenge to beat others scores.

But prior to all these, in fact prior to any kind of electronic gaming, I played solitaire.
Of course it is arguably more fun electronically, or at least quicker to re-deal.

This week it is sudoku.


….She came back to tell me she’s gone….


2 thoughts on “Playing games and Paul Simon

  1. you think you’ve got problems: Ive had one line of a simply red 80s song stuck on endless rewind for about 2 weeks. Damn you Mix 102.3 80s digital….

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