It feels like I have been in hibernation for some time.

Very few posts, very few runs, very difficult to get off the couch.


I do love winter. All that snuggling on the couch with blankets and heaters and hot chocolate.

Unfortunately it seems that is all I can manage.  No inspiration to write, to craft, to create.


Just Baby sitting in a corner watching Doctor Who and reading The Hunger Games again.  Which I did, all 3 books, on the weekend.

Definitely better the second time.  Not sure why.


And now it is time to watch Asylum of the Daleks again – for the 4th time.

Because Oswin is possibly the coolest not-companion for some time. Not the last Centurion, but equally cool.

Asylum of the Daleks


2 thoughts on “Winter

  1. You’ve been a busy gal with the wedding planning and all. Nothing wrong with having some down time, but I do appreciate how icky it is to be in a slump. Due to the busy-ness of my kids being on break, I laid off running and blogging all summer. I’ve recently gotten back to doing both and it feels nice. You can do it too! Just set a couple of small goals (one simple post and one 20 minute run at a time) and you’ll get back into the groove! 🙂

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