Fancy Pants Weekend

Last week marked the anniversary of the birth of two men.

The husband of Mrs J and the husband of Mrs L.

They were born on the same day although a year or two apart.

Perhaps that is why their bromance is so happy.
It is a good thing too or we might not be able to have quite as many girl’s outings as we do.

To celebrate these blessed events a group of us headed down to Melbourne on Saturday.

My boy and I arrived (just) first around noon. Mrs J, Mrs L and the birthday boys were a few minutes later.

Mrs N and hubby followed some time later.


Our weekend plan was thus:

  • Arrive Melbourne
  • Find Sofitel on Collins St
  • Leave car with valets (so posh!)
  • Wonder why everyone is speaking French
  • Find lobby
  • Check in to fancy pants expensive club level rooms, gasp over the view


  • Head straight to the Club lounge for free food
  • Gasp over the view

  • Wonder when the free drinks start
  • Read letter explaining when the free drinks start
  • Send boys off to do boy stuff
  • Realise that Haighs is straight across the road and head over there


  • Spend half the weekend shopping budget on Haighs
  • Return to hotel to regroup
  • Grab a taxi and head to South Wharf DFO for a little light shopping
  • Realise that afternoon tea is being served, grab another taxi back to the hotel
  • Brief stop at Haighs for more chocolate
  • Enjoy afternoon tea
  • Quick respite in fancy hotel room
  • Shower, frock up
  • Head back down to the lounge for canapes
  • Settle in for more free food and  drinks!
  • Offend several other guests
  • Wonder where the damn dessert is
  • Scoff dessert
  • Head off to bed

Sunday dawns!

  • Shower
  • Head to buffet breakfast
  • Enjoy a leisurely breakfast with lots of bread, pastries, juice and home made nutella
  • Check out – have luggage collected! So posh.
  • Head into town for more shopping
  • Pick up car and luggage (eventually)
  • Head out to South Wharf for more shopping
  • Home via Woolies
  • Sleep



Had a fantastic time – club level was a bit nice, the food and drinks were lovely.

It was wonderful sharing the weekend with the crew and definitely glad we did it.

Probably wouldn’t do it again (not by ourselves anyway – on a group – probably).

For just us I think we prefer a cheaper hotel option and going out to a good local food place.
I love some good asian food!




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