Mixing Genres


I love reading.


When I find a great book series I rejoice because it gives me more books to read with the characters I have grown to love.


The following are some of my favourites:



The problem with investing so much in a series is what to do when it ends.


The epilogue at the end of the Harry Potter series was fantastic – it went 19 years forward, wrapped up the happy(ish) endings and provided closure.


It also pretty firmly ruled out any further books in the series.  But that is ok. I can read them over and over with no issues.


The Discworld series currently has no real ending so I am ever anticipating the next edition.


The only real problems arise when one of my beloved authors tries their hand at something different.
(Obviously I do not own these authors and have no control over their actions.
They are completely entitled to write whatever they choose and owe me nothing.)


I end up buying these books as I love the writing style so much but either not reading them because I fear the disappointment of not reading about my favourite characters or reading them and being disappointed by the books generally.


Terry Pratchett’s  non discworld books have been a little hit and miss with me.
I read his early sci-fi and wasn’t blown away (but I am much more fantasy than sci-fi).
His Discworld adjacent/Younger reader books were great but his completely non discworld (and Science of the Discworld) tend to sit on my shelves for want of an avid reader.


The only author who has not let me down in this regard was Douglas Adams.


The Dirk Gently books were as enjoyable (in different ways) as the Hitchhiker series.
In fact I would argue that the Dirk Gently books were better than at least one of the HHGTTG series (Mostly Harmless I am looking at you).


Don’t get me started on the Eoin Colfer Hitchhiker’s book.


Anyway, this whole rant was brought on by the upcoming release of the new J K Rowling book.


I have recently ordered the latest Pratchett non-Discworld release but I am torn over the JK Rowling.


Do I buy it, or just let it go?  Had I read the synopsis of the book without knowing the author there is no way I would be interested.


Perhaps that is my answer.


A shelf full of Terry Pratchett's work, mostly...

A shelf full of Terry Pratchett’s work, mostly Discworld novels (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



7 thoughts on “Mixing Genres

  1. I’m an Avid STP fan & Discowrld reader, and I enjoy his ‘Other’ books – in fact it was ‘Strata’ that intorduced me to STp in the first place…..’Nation’ whilst for the younger readers was good, especially as I read it after the 2011 Japanese Tsunami.
    I have just finished ‘The Long Earth’. Its an interesting read, Shelley, worth the trouble for the ideas it puts forward. It is definitely STP and friend.
    [I agree with you about the Discowrld non-foction books……where is the fun in that?]

    And most Importantly – have you read the thrilling ‘Where’s my Cow’ and the indescribable ‘The Incredible World of Poo’?


    and get this: turns out one of my work collegues’ mum’s partner was Josh Kirby!!! What are the odds of that???

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