Barefoot Lego

Late last year I remember reading a news story about Lego gaining the rights to produce Lord of the Rings toys.
Of course my first thought went to PS3 games and how soon they would release one.
I may have mentioned before how much I love the Lego games.

They are basically a classic 3D platform game with logic puzzles, fighting, adventure, and strategy all combined.
The awesome graphics and fun game play make them enjoyable and the fact that they are based on many of my favourite movies makes them completely irresistible.  Add in the lego remade classic scenes and the humour throughout – so so good!
I had to wait a while, but a week or two ago I received an email advising the game was set to be released soon and was available for pre-order.  <happy dance>

Currently I own:

  • Lego Star Wars (movies 1-6)
  • Lego Star Wars – Clone Wars
  • Lego Indiana Jones
  • Lego Indiana Jones 2
  • Lego Batman
  • Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4
  • Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7
  • Lego Pirates of the Caribbean

So pretty much a no-brainer that I would be buying the Lord of the Rings game.

Yes, I have pre-ordered and eagerly await the delivery!

Lego Harry Potter: Years 1–4 Lego Harry Potter: Years 5–7 Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

2 thoughts on “Barefoot Lego

  1. I LOVE the Lego games. I am lucky I have a 9 year old and I can buy these on multiple platforms and no one is gonna look at me funny. Although, there is no doubt that if I didn’t have any kids, Lego Harry Potter would still be in my game collection. Can’t wait to get the new Batman with the other DC Heroes for Christmas (for my daughter)!
    She plays Indiana Jones and Harry Potter with me and Batman and Star Wars with her dad. Pirates she only has on the DS so she plays that one alone. Really great and fun family games. Maybe if I buy her Lord of the Rings I can get her to read them. She is a big reader. Hmmm…..

    • For some reason I didn’t get into the Batman game as much as the others – didn’t like the game play as much and there weren’t as many fun film clips.

      Lord of the Rings is a tough book – I had to take a couple of runs at it (love it now of course). The best advice I ever heard about it was to skip anything in italics.
      Tolkien was a linguist and wrote it as a way to create a new language but most of us just love the story.

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