Hallowed Turf

Today Mrs L and I ran our shortest race yet.

Mrs L has been injured and I have been lazy so we haven’t run a race together since Run the Rock in April.

Neither of us was up to our usual Half Marathon and the 10km event was full by the time we decided to enter, so the 5.7km event it was!

Given that we have never run this distance in a race before we technically ran a personal best.
Happily we were also very happy with our time.

I actually think mixing up our distances has been a great idea.

In November last year I ran the Marysville 21.1km (Mrs L was unavailable).
This year we have run:

  • River run – 10km
  • Run for the Kids – 14.38km
  • Run the Rock – 17.5km
  • Mrs L ran Run Melbourne – 21.2km ( I was interstate)
  • Melbourne Marathon – 5.7km

Lots of different distances keeps it interesting, and lots of personal bests!

Today was extra exciting as the race finished on the ‘Hallowed Turf’ of the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

I doubt I will have any other occasion to walk on that grass.

(Trivia – the turf company that maintains the ground is based about 15 minutes from where I live!).


Our images and the grass

Next event – The Colour Run!!

Thank you to Drinkrunyoga for my inspiration.

I’ve even signed up to the newsletter for information on the Adelaide event in 2013.



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