Where is the Produce Platter?

Yesterday we ventured out for lunch.

I decided we should head out and we realised just how long it had been since we had been to one of our favourite places.

The Ruffy Produce Store

The Ruffy Store is a not very well kept secret oasis in the middle of nowhere.

Any given weekend we could drive the 60 minutes from home to Ruffy – a little town in the Strathbogie ranges between Euroa, Seymour and Yea – to find the main street full of SUVs, motorbikes and prestige cars from Melbourne.

You walk into the store through a lovely garden into a rustic, welcoming, eclectic space full of local produce, mix-matched furniture, art work and old books.  In winter the open fire is roaring and the atmosphere is warm.

In the past, our go-to meal was always the Produce Platter.

A sumptuous mix of local cheese, meats, bread, relishes and salad – it tasted indulgent but felt healthy.

This time the platter had been renamed to the Ploughman’s Plate and was no longer available as a shared option.

We were stuck.

After some introspection we chose the Pork Ribs and Carrot and Ginger vegie burger.

We were not disappointed.

The Pork Ribs were tender and fell off the bone.

The Vegie burger was possibly the best I have ever had (and I have had a lot) – the roti was delicious and the yoghurt the perfect accompaniment.

Unfortunately we arrived in the middle of a very busy lunch hour so our meals took a while.
We were so hungry when they arrived the camera phone was somewhat delayed.

Not long after these photos were taken the plates were completely clean (except the rib bones of course).

Note – As we were waiting we noticed a lot of people had purchased the Ploughman’s Plate – it still looked good.

Somehow we still found room (made room) for the delicious desserts on offer.

I went with Lemon poppy seed cheesecake (amazing) and my boy chose the Sicilian apple cake (divine).


Just go to the Ruffy store – but make sure you book first – the secret is out.


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