Colour and the Cup

On Sunday Mrs L, her brother in law and I ran “The Color Run“*.

I had read about it previously but it is one of those things that really need to be experienced.

Mrs L and I headed down to Melbourne around lunch time on Saturday.

There was much driving, and shopping, and eating of yumminess.

After the shops closed we headed to the brother in law’s place to crash.
Less said about the extensive wait the better.  Let’s just say that espresso martinis are evil.

While waiting for our host we window shopped the streets of Fairfield and found some delicious japanese and ice cream.

Eventually we headed back to the bachelor pad and crashed out (after some extensive preparation and manicure session).

In the morning we headed to the train station for the journey.  The closer we got to our destination the more fellow runners we came across.

There is a wonderful energy before a big race – lots of people heading to the same event (in the same shirt).  Plus, being a more ‘fun’ run there were lots of amazing costumes and amusing accessories.

We followed the hoards (12,500 people) to the starting lines, not really sure what to expect.

From a runner’s point of view – this race was not timed and was definitely not about the run.

Most of the participants walked the course, because the whole point was to have fun and be coloured from head to toe.

We ran the course, received much colour, then headed to the ‘after party’ where all the participants met up, bought more colour and threw it all over each other.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


After the race we headed back out into the real world. Luckily there were enough paint coloured people that specatators had lots to look at.

We headed to “The Quiet Man” Irish pub not far from the race. The beer garden was full of colour and some confused waiting staff.

The food was excellent.

Post race potato feast

Heading back to the Bro-in-law’s place the energy was a little different.  We weren’t as worn out as we have been after half marathons, but we felt grubby and strange.  We also received an increasing amount of stares the further we travelled from the race.

Shopping in Woolworths at Chirnside Park was the peak!


We have now run on the Melbourne Cricket Ground (traditional home of Victoria cricket and football) , Flemington racecourse (home of the Melbourne Cup), The Tan (track around the Botanic Gardens), Bolte Bridge, Domain Tunnel, past the Shrine of Remembrance and lots of Melbourne streets.  That is pretty cool.

* It is a trademark without the ‘u’ – not happy about the spelling on the tshirt!


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