Seriously, what happened to the year?

So, last post was the colour run (officially color run).

What has happened since?  Good question.

More planning for the big move back to Radelaide in the new year.

My boy has secured himself a good job which starts in late January.

I have been applying for quite a few jobs and had a couple of interviews so far.

Our tenants have found a new house and are now moving out in early January so the move can happen even earlier.

We are heading back to Radelaide for Christmas, coming back just after new years. Then we can move back a week later!

Nothing like a deadline for pure panic to set in.

Adelaide City View

Adelaide City View (Photo credit: spintheglobe2007)

Oh, and somewhere in then I had a girl’s (hen’s) weekend with Mrs L, Mrs N and Mrs J.

An awesome time was had by all, but what happens on the girls’ weekend stays on the girls’ weekend.

I can however, share the following wisdom:

  • Beechworth is a nice little town.
  • The Beechworth Bakery and Sweet shops are brilliant.
  • Winterwood Park cabins are lovely.
  • The Beechworth Ghost Tour is definitely worth doing, even if just for the history.
  • Rekorderlig mango and raspberry cider is tasty and pretty.
  • Brown Brothers winery and Milawa Cheese Factory are mandatory visits.  Join the Brown Brothers Epicurean club.
  • Taylor Swift and Carly Rae Jepsen make very catchy (annoying) songs that cannot be played enough.
  • Kmart is a valid option for emergency wedding and bridesmaids’ dresses.  Although they may not be attractive.

Brown Brothers winery

Today was my last day in my current job.

This is the first time I have ever resigned before lining up a new role.  Slightly scary.


*** Late update  –  new job offered and accepted!!!! ***



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