New Year, new (almost) everything

Once again I have been too long between posts.

The normal ‘Christmas’ is a busy time excuse will be trotted out, along with a lot of other recent developments.

In December I had a 3 day work retreat in NSW. While there I had a phone interview for a role in SA.

The interview must have gone well as they offered me the job!

I came back home to Vic, finished the last couple of days in my current job and started holidays.

That week I finished some last minute Christmas shopping, packed and headed home to Adelaide for Christmas.

While there we managed to eat at Sushi Train, Ding Hao, Yanni’s Yiros, The Central Market food court, Zuma cafe and catch up with our families several times. We also saw the boy’s big brother’s band on New Year’s Eve – excellent night!
Much shopping was done along with several ‘w’ word errands.

( I also managed to read several book along the way and see The Hobbit and Skyfall – both great!)

We arrived back late last night to start packing.

Our house in Adelaide is available in a little over 2 weeks and we start our new jobs in 3.

If posts are quiet for a while I am packing, moving and waiting for internet access!

I hope you all had a happy Christmas with friends, family and wonderful food and your 2013 is everything you wish for!

Sydney. Fireworks Newyear 2006. Opera House an...

Sydney. Fireworks Newyear 2006. Opera House and Harbour. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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