The search for sourdough

I love sourdough. Really. I could live on it. Some weekends I eat nothing but an entire loaf of sourdough (with butter and vegemite, or butter and honey, or Nutella)

Of course I feel really bloated and awful for about 12 hours after that, but it is worth it.

When I was living in Victoria I discovered the sourdough at the Alexandra bakery was excellent.
20 minute drive, only open until 1pm on Saturdays made it a little challenging sometimes to get my weekly fix. Maybe that was a good thing.

Giant Steps in Healesville made an even better version but that was an hour long drive through the Black Spur. We only managed that one when we were in the area.

On returning to Adelaide I knew there was excellent sourdough in the Central Markets, but getting there from the hills when working in the suburbs was unlikely to be a regular occurrence.

Hence my search…

There is good and bed news. Good for me and bad for this post.
Our local bakery makes excellent sourdough. So good that we bought the loaf yesterday and it is still soft and fresh today. (Choosing not to think about possibly preservatives).

The local bakery is a 5 minute walk up the road and they are open until 3pm on Saturdays.
Sleep ins and sourdough. Who would have thought!

So, the search can be over. For now at least.



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