The Pointy End

It is definitely getting to the pointy end of the preparation for the big day in April.

About 6 weeks to go. Panic stations won’t be assumed for a couple of weeks yet (thanks muchly to the wonderful Mrs M and Mrs L).

There have been a few things weighing on my mind.

At the top of the list was the wedding ring(s). 
6 weeks to go, no rings, most likely need one made to fit with the engagement ring.
Stress stress stress.

Happy to say we went into Class A Jewellers at Walkerville yesterday.
It did take quite a while to be served, but the woman (probably 10 years younger than us) who eventually helped us was lovely and very helpful.

Matt even chose a ring for himself.  Both of our rings are being made and they had no issue with the timeframe.


I also bought a lovely vintage hair comb from The Vintage Bride in College Park.
Just lovely.

After that we headed to Spotlight, picked up some gorgeous material for the flower girl dress.

Next weekend – suits.



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