9 > 11

The next episode of Doctor Who will be televised in November.

That’s an almost six month wait.

I have been trying to fill my time with other series, other characters….

Game of Thrones is pretty interesting.
I’ve also just finished listening to all the Harry Potter audio books.

But it hasn’t worked. I have found myself watching fan vids on you tube. Oh deary me.

One night this week by oh so clever iPad notified me that ABC2 was playing the first 2005 series again. Christopher Eccelston as the Doctor with Billie Piper as Rose Tyler.

Immediately I wanted to watch it, but I was outvoted. Well, we have watched it a lot!

Then it was the weekend. Cold, rainy, stay at home weather.
What to do?

Watch the entire series in two days of course.

Now, I have watched the new series from the beginning, several times.
Eccelston, Tennant and Smith.

20130707-203948.jpgThe Rules

When Eccelston left I was devastated. Who was this Tennant bloke?
Some scary guy from The Goblet of Fire.

One episode and I was convinced.

Matt Smith took a little longer to accept.

Some good stories and a couple of excellent companions helped.
Love Rory and River. Adore Clara.

So, this weekend I have watched the Eccleston series.
The accent, the leather jacket, the confidence. The Doctor.


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