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Heathcliff, Catherine and Honeycomb Chocolate

I love Haighs honeycomb chocolate. I am also quite fond of Pascals chocolate coated marshmallow bites (vanilla flavoured). This weekend I decided to try their honeycomb flavoured version.  Not good. They tasted strange. Definitely honeycomb flavoured but with an almost smokey finish. Henceforth I will stick with vanilla.   But now, Wuthering Heights. When I … Continue reading

Would you like sugar with that?

Still enjoying the ‘no added sugar’ (on weekdays) path but there was a moment today when I really could have murdered some chocolate. Instead I came home, exercised, made zucchini potato and corn fritters, set off the smoke alarm – again – and finished it off with granola and yoghurt for dessert. Getting a little … Continue reading