Fog, Dog, and never having the right photo

I walk to work most days.

BTW – I really hope I haven’t started repeating myself on this blog – there are a limited number of topics that come to mind when I am walking and it is quite possible that they have all been covered already.  Oh well.

Anyway….I walk to work most days, with Kira the Kelpie.

Kira is a gorgeous dog who loves to walk, to sniff, to tell other dogs that she is best and to roll around in anything really really smelly.

Kira is very smelly at the moment.

Still beautiful though.

This morning we walked to work in the fog.

We have a lot of fog here.

Between the lake being at 85-ish %  and all the fog they manufacture in the next town some days the fog is quite thick.  By the time we get to work my eyelashes are dripping.

It is amazing how beautiful everything looks in the fog, especially in Autumn.
The red leaves shrouded in mist but still glowing – just gorgeous.

This brings me to the next point.

Pretty much every morning when I am walking to work I pause on the bridge and think to myself “This is so beautiful, I should take a photo”.
My response is generally one of the following:

a) I am sure I already have tonnes of photos of this spot.

b) I’ll get it next time, I’ll just enjoy it now.

It is true that I already have hundreds of photos of the town and the pondage and the bridge etc

Of course when I feel like writing a post like this I just can’t find them.

So here is a photo of the other side of the pondage, in summer, with no fog.


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