Packing – phase 1

So, we are a little under 2 weeks out from departure and packing phase 1 is well underway.

Pre-phase (planning) – obsess about what to take for weeks – refer to warm socks and clean underwear

Phase 1 
choose case, throw as much in as can possibly fit using sensible packing options. Use of vacuum travel bags and lists are important in this phase, may also decide to ‘leave some free space’ for purchases while away.

Phase 2 
unpack, remove a few items, add more.
This phase is mainly about colour preferences or possibly bag size

Phase 3 
repack all items from phase 2. Do not change cases or add items.

Phase 4 
reorganise phase 3 packing options. Very much a repeat of phase 3.

Phase 5 
lock cases and stare at them for several days. At some point the phrase ‘that’s it, I’m packed’ may cross your lips.

Phases 1-5 can be repeated multiple times up until the night before departure.

Phase 6 (morning of departure) 
grab at least 5 random items and shove them into any remaining space


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